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Welcome to SSI-Racing llc

Home of 2.S.S.I.C. one of the world's fastest electric cars and current holder of 2 world records.

The Company started by building a dream car. A hybrid electric car, an American muscle car (in this case a replica) that would be beautiful, racy, and as a bonus a hybrid electric. In the process we have gathered a few interested people and found a lot of outside interest; so much so we are looking at building to order full custom electric cars starting next month.

I got a call to macgyver some gauges for a product launch. I got them done in a day a drove up to deliver them. It was really cool and I worked with some great people. The company was number three on my list to get a call from ... NASA or Skywalker Ranch ... need anything?

We are concentrating on our battery management system and other products and are retiring the Electric Indy Car project.

Our Kickstarter project funded in 10 hours!
Thank you all.

We filmed the documentary Sep 7-8 at Barona Dragstrip.
We got really good footage, which has caused a problem getting it all editted. We shot with 7 hd video camers, 3 professional camera operators, seperate professional sound recorder, and 2 still camera's. It is taking a while to get it all editted.

We are working on an important documentary.
Pure Acceleration Website
Please Support us in this Project

Next Race Sept 7-8 at
Barona Dragstrip

2SSIC at Detroit International Auto Show

Backup driver application... once she's got her licence!

Sponsorship Opportunities are available!

If you act quickly, your company logo, image, name or other sponsorship idea can be placed on one of our great cars! Click the link above to head over to our sponsorship and investment page, to learn how SSI and your company can move into the future together!